Piano Wires

Piano Wires : Piano Wires is known as Music Spring Wire, a steel material for spring that using high quality/grade of high carbon steel wire rods which its manufactured with special heat treatment, cold drawing process, the process is similar as Hard Drawn Steel Wire but more politely and under strictly quality control from raw-material until finished product.

TSW Piano Wires or Music Spring Wire is used for various application that not only for the spring of piano or guitar but also many kind of springs such as automobile, motorcycle and home appliances which needed high reliability, high durability, high ductility and stable strength.

Hard Drawn Steel Wires

Hard Drawn Steel Wires : A steel wire material for springs which is made by high quality of high carbon steel wire rod and cold drawing process. The usage of hard drawn steel wires is for the spring of wide general purpose.

Oil Tempered Wires

Oil Tempered Wires for Suspension Springs : A new TSWs product that obtained the reliable technology transfer from parent company NSSG Japan, aiming to support the country and regional Automobile and Motorcycle industries. Its started commercial manufacturing since 2016 which as the first facility investment in Thailand.

Oil tempered wires is material for the spring, through the continuous quench and temper heat-treatment processes. Its clean surface over overall length has been providing both of high speed coiling ability and good productivity for the sake of each customer.

Low Carbon Steel Wires

Low Carbon Steel wires : A group of TSWs high quality, round cross section ordinary low carbon products for general purpose application which the good appearance is preferred also available.

Other steel wire product supply ability : Importing Nippon Steel SG Wires Products. TSW provides one-stop service from a wide selection of international high quality products to each customer. (More)

Almost 60 years-long-experience and competitive dominance of Oil Tempered Wires high quality production with skillful technology. 

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